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All offerings subject to change without prior notice. Current as of 1/1/2017.

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Number of Hours Unlimited 4 3 2
On-Site Attendant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Sessions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Photostrip Design Fully Custom Fully Custom Template Text Only
Protective Photo Sleeves Free Free Free N/A
Local Delivery (50 miles) Free Free Free Free
Setup & Teardown Time Free Free Free N/A
Online Viewing Gallery Free Free Free N/A
Guests Downloads Free Free Free N/A
USB Flash Drive 2 Free 1 Free 1 Free N/A
Box o’ Props Rental Free Free $50 N/A
Memory Book Free $100 $100 N/A
Social Sharing Kiosk Free $100 / Each $100 / Each N/A
Projected “Live” Slideshow $150 $150 $150 N/A
Idle Time Free  $60 $60 N/A
Overtime Free $150 $150 N/A
Discount on Future Services 10% for life! 10% for life! 10% for life! N/A
Money-Back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes





$2,987 value $1,427 value $1,075 value $600 value