If you are looking for a corporate photo booth in Atlanta, we’ve got you covered. Many local businesses have an annual get-together of some sort. For some, this looks like a family picnic in a park, and for others, it looks like renting out a ballroom and having an open bar. Whatever annual event your company hosts, make sure you have all of the entertainment lined up, including a photo booth.

Why Rent A Photo Booth For Your Company Party?

Encourages Your Employees To Have Fun

Let’s admit it. Despite your best efforts, company parties can sometimes have employees feeling like they are still on the clock. A photo booth rental can encourage them to let loose and have a little fun with the props we provide.

It Makes The Company Parties More Exciting

If you throw a killer bash with a super fun photo booth, it will make employees more excited about the next party, and the next. Soon, they’ll be talking about how much they love the unique photo booth experience at the event.

Custom Backdrops To Represent Your Business

If you choose, we can create a custom backdrop for your party. Most businesses choose to make their backdrops a repeating pattern of their company logo, but we can do just about anything. Because your employees will likely share some of their favorite photos on social media, this can be a great opportunity to show the community how much fun working for your company is.

It Provides Your Guests With A Keepsake

Perhaps one of the best parts about renting a photo booth from us is the unlimited number of pictures your employees can take. Each photo session prints out two separate 2×6” photo strips that can be printed with your company logo and the name of the event. All photos can also be accessed digitally after the party or guests can email photos to themselves for later. This is the perfect way for everyone to make memories!

We’ve Got Your Atlanta Photo Booth Rentals!

Here at TNT Fun Times, we like to say that we make the fun ‘explode.’ With a lively and entertaining photo booth assistant to get the guests hyped, we’ll make sure your photo booth gets put to good use. We are proud to serve a huge region around Atlanta, and even head up to southern Tennessee from time to time. If you are looking for a way to kick your company party up a notch this year, a photo booth is a great way to do that. Reserve a photo booth or our mobile photo booth bus today!