It’s the age-old question (or, at least, a question for the modern age): Do I really need a photo booth at my event if I have a photographer? We think, yes, obviously. We love and respect photographers, but comparing photographers to photo booths is comparing apples to oranges. While a photographer and a photo booth rental company both provide you with images of the wedding or party, they do so in vastly different ways. Keep reading to learn three big reasons you should not skip a photo booth just because you’ve hired a photographer.

3 Reasons You Need To Rent a Photo Booth

  1. Photo booths are an ideal way for guests to let down their hair and unleash their silly side. They might not pull a silly face when they see a photographer approach them or agree to put on a pirate hat and a pink feather boa, but if it’s just them inside of a private photo booth, you can bet they’ll have a little fun. That means priceless pictures of Grandma you can whip out at the next family event.
  2. A photo booth rental will also take the place of party favors. When you rent with us, we can print just about anything you want at the bottom of the photo strip, whether it is a company logo, a wedding hashtag, or the name of the party and the date (for example, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s 50th Anniversary, February 14, 2018’ or ‘First Day Of Hogwarts, September 1, 2018’ — you know, whatever fits the event). Because each photo session prints off two strips, your guests can take as many photos as they like and keep them as a memento of the event. We can also provide additional prints if needed, and all of the photos from your event will be available digitally. So while you might think renting a photo booth will cut into your budget, imagine how much you’ll save when you do this instead of ordering custom candles or shot glasses for your guests.
  3. Traditional photographers are great for documenting a party or event. The best of the best make sure to get at least one picture of every guest, and are sneaky enough to get candid pictures. However, you have to admit, photographers are mostly for you, the host. Your guests might browse through your pictures on Facebook, but at the end of the day, you hired a photographer so you can have memories of the event. A photo booth, on the other hand, doubles down as both a memory-making machine and entertainment for your guests. This makes it all the more vital for company events or fun weddings that want to go above and beyond.

Choose Us For Photo Booth Rentals In Atlanta

If you are throwing an Atlanta-area wedding, party, picnic, or school event, make sure you have the entertainment covered. This includes renting a photo booth for your guests. We’ll help you and your guests make memories that will last a lifetime! Reserve your Atlanta photo booth today!