6 Super Fun Poses to Make In A Photo Booth

The more fun you have in a photo booth, the more memories you will make. That’s why we call ourselves TNT Fun Times — we are in the photo booth rental industry but we are in the business of fun! Included with all of our Atlanta photo booth rentals is an exciting attendant who can corral guests into the photo booth line and make sure you and your guests get plenty of use out of your rental — you do get unlimited photos, after all! But, as they say, you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. That’s why it is important to have some ideas for fun poses in your back pocket just in case the photos of your guests are making you yawn. Keep reading to get some ideas for fun and iconic poses to recreate in your photo booth rental!

The “This! Is! Spartaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

While we don’t recommend actually kicking your friend out of the photobooth, a well-timed foot to the chest can make it look like you’re Gerard Butler from 300 kicking your buddy out of the booth. For dramatic effect, make sure to bellow, “This! Is! Spartaaaaaa!” as you do it.

The Charlie’s Angels

Three friends and six hands are all you need for one of the most iconic photo booth poses of all times. Get your finger guns ready, make a face that shows you mean business, and pose in the classic Charlie’s Angels arrangement.

The Titanic

The meeting of Jack and Rose on the Titanic has lead to a number of memorable quotes and scenes, including “Draw me like one of your French girls” and “I’m king of the world!” However, our favorite Titanic pose to reenact in a photo booth is when Jack and Rose are soaring on the bow of the boat, arms outstretched, and Rose proclaims, “I’m flying!” Cue ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

The Heisman

The Heisman Trophy honors the most valuable player in college football each year and is recognizable for the mid-action pose of the football player on top. While you likely have not won a Heisman, you can pretend you did by striking the Heisman pose in your Atlanta photo booth rental!


Decide who will be which letter and spell out the title to everyone’s favorite party song! It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A! Bonus points if you use some of our included props to dress up like the Village People.

The Stack O’ Heads

Also called the Totem Pole, the Stack O’ Heads involves getting up close and personal with your friends (or coworkers) and arranging your heads into a stack. The shortest person in the group will crouch down and act as the bottom head, followed by the next tallest and so forth. Not only does this make for great pictures if you manage to make it work, but it also makes for great pictures if you can’t find a way to make it work. It’s a win-win!

Have Fun In Your Atlanta Photo Booth Rental!

Like we said earlier, we’re all about having fun and striking poses here at TNT Fun Times, your Atlanta photo booth company serving all of northern Georgia. We hope that the above pose ideas can serve as some inspiration the next time you find yourself in a photo booth. To make your next event a big ol’ ball of fun, be sure to reserve one of our photo booth rentals in Atlanta and beyond!